Pastoring and missionary work is hard in normal times. Yet we have seen unprecedented pressure and discouragement over the past two years. The three most common reasons people leave ministry are moral failure, team conflict, and burnout.

Church leaders are struggling. Commitment from members is lower than ever. Political polarization is at a fever pitch. Criticism of the pastor and/or leader and suspicion of the church are pervasive. Amidst all of it, you are still human. You still experience the highs and lows of life like anyone else. Every month, we hear about pastors, missionaries, and leaders either leaving their positions, leaving the field, or closing their churches.

You need support to navigate through the emotional toll of shepherding the flock of God and doing the work of ministry.

In fall 2021, we launched Refresh: A Ministry for Pastors, Missionaries, and Church Leaders. We want to care for you and, together, encounter the Redeemer who loves and empowers you for the difficult work of ministry.

Through large gatherings, smaller cohorts, one-on-one counseling, and sabbatical care, we hope to be a conduit of the rest and refreshment that only God can provide.