Hope Counseling Services (HCS) offers two internship tracks, both of which meet Westminster Theological Seminary’s Master’s of Arts in Counseling AMP requirements. Track 2 also may meet certain seminaries’ practicum requirements for Christian counseling degree programs.

For more information, contact us using the general inquiry form on our contact page. To apply, please fill out the internship application below.

Track 1

Summer Internship with practical instruction, experience in your local context, group consultation

HCS offers a 10-week summer internship designed to equip church leaders and lay-counselors to be able to disciple, counsel, and care for the people in their communities. Interns will counsel (this could include mentoring and discipleship) 2–3 hours per week within their local churches and meet weekly with the larger intern group along with HCS Director Wes Tubel and counselor Bryan Launer for training and case consultation. Interns will also have opportunities to meet one on one for case consultation with an HCS counselor. Track 1 may be completed locally or remotely.

Click here for a copy of a sample intern syllabus (from Summer 2020).

What you’ll experience:

  • 10 weeks of group meetings for instruction and consultation
  • 2–3 hours of counseling in your local church and present ministry contexts
  • Opportunities for one-on-one consultation

This track is ideal for:

  • Those who don’t have formal counseling experience
  • Those who want to minister in their current local church context
  • Those who want to make the jump from theory to practice
  • Summer interns will naturally lead to tracks 2 and 3

Cost: $750

Track 2

Nine-month internship at Hope

HCS also offers a 9-month internship designed to provide experience and consultation for biblical/pastoral counselors pursuing a vocation in counseling. Interns would counsel up to 3–5 hours per week through HCS, receive routine consultation from HCS experienced biblical counselors, and participate in HCS counselor meetings. Track 2 may be completed locally or remotely.

What you’ll experience

  • You’ll provide biblical counsel for up to 3–5 HCS cases per week that you’ll be assigned
  • Routine consultation with an HCS counselor

This track is ideal for…

  • Those who are already doing informal and formal discipleship and counseling
  • Those who want to counsel vocationally in local church and parachurch contexts

Cost: $1,500
While the majority of the cost for this internship will be subsidized by the donations received from your counseling, this cost reflects the high level of commitment and mentoring provided by HCS staff.

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