Hanna’s Story

Dec 29, 2022

My husband Josh and I were first introduced to biblical counseling when dear friends invited us to observe their own marriage counseling. We were marked by the power and presence of the Word of God in every part of counseling, and we had no idea the impact it would have on our own lives. Since being introduced to Hope Counseling Services we have benefited greatly. We have gleaned wisdom during small group leaders trainings at our church; we have attended conferences and seminars that Hope has opened up to the community; and we have personally received counseling for our own marriage. In each encounter, we walk away reminded of the guiding truths we have been given in God’s Word, and we feel better equipped to love and care for others in the community and in our home. We have seen friends and mentors similarly impacted by their care and counsel. Each time we think of leaders in the church being better equipped, we are confident that gospel care is being better offered in homes, small groups, and churches throughout the region.

When Josh and I pray about where to invest our time and money, we look for opportunities that will have a significant impact in the kingdom of God. Having seen firsthand the fruit of the work at Hope, I recently joined the board to better serve and further the mission and vision. As donors we get to have a lasting kingdom impact in individuals and churches throughout the community just by giving financially. Donations underwrite 25% of the annual budget at Hope Counseling Services and are the primary way that scholarships are funded. With Hope receiving more requests than ever for scholarships, donations are an important part of being able to offer fresh hope though counseling. Hope Counseling Services needs financial support to continue doing what God has called us to. Would you consider partnering with us through a year-end gift?

Visit our giving page if you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to Hope’s ministry.