Special Update from Our Board of Directors

Nov 16, 2022

A Change of Season – by Rik Gervais, Board President Emeritus:

Some who have followed these newsletters for a while will notice a new title behind my name (Emeritus). By the grace of God and our wonderful board, I have been allowed to transition to this honored place after six years as president. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have had to serve our staff, our clients, and our board. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve you, the many wonderful people who pray for us, volunteer for us and donate to us. You have enabled this ministry to grow to places that we as a board and staff only dreamed of when we launched in 2016. Thank you!

The board is still working through all the transition details. You can be sure they will not miss a beat as they accelerate the momentum we have been experiencing these past several months. Hope Counseling Services is in a wonderful place today — thanks to all the people I mentioned earlier. Like any ministry, it always has new dreams and aspirations. There is so much more we could do. So much more we want to do. Resources will always be a constraint, but we remain confident God will provide all we need. And people like you will help us get there in His perfect time.

Thanks again, particularly to Wes and Jacklyn Tubel. Their faithful obedience to God’s call to come to North Carolina, with young children in tow, to launch this ministry in 2016, was indeed courageous. They have endured many trials. May the Lord continue to bless them, Hope Counseling Services, and you, in the years to come.

From Ray Mulligan, Board President:

Speaking on behalf of the board, we are excited to continue to support the expanding Hope Counseling team. Following Rik will not be an easy task! What an example of godly leadership and support for the members of Hope Counseling Services and its mission! We appreciate Rik’s continued dedication and willingness to stay connected with us in his new role.

Just like the Hope organization, our board is growing and expanding. We are focused on how to best use our resources to “bring Hope to Life” through counseling, training, and consulting in a Christ-centered way. It is a unique and life-giving ministry to which we have been called. We are seeking God’s wisdom to execute our specific mission.

We have added a number of new members to the board who bring a passion for biblical counseling, a love for the local church, and a desire to encourage, assist, and support the leadership team at Hope. In addition to myself, we are pleased to welcome Hanna Grenon and Bo Pritchard as new board members. We look forward to being able to provide a more complete introduction to each of our new members and perhaps add a few more names in the near future.

Our new additions have allowed us to transition Crystal West to an advisory member of the board. This will allow Crystal to focus on providing counseling services at Hope as she completes her degree from Westminster Theological Seminary. Crystal has been a tireless member of the board and we are excited to see her be able to continue to passionately care for others directly.

God’s provision for us is undeserved, rich, deep, and often surprising. Thank you for being a part of that provision.