Hope Made Visible – One Church’s Story

Dec 10, 2020

As a pastor and minister of the gospel for 22 years, I have never seen such a diverse number of challenging circumstances facing the members I am called to shepherd. Even those who have been a rock in times of trial in the past often feel especially vulnerable as 2020 draws to a close. Never has the need for biblical encouragement been so great; never has the need for gospel-saturated counseling been more apparent.

For three years, I have referred members of the church I pastor as well as others in our community to Hope Counseling Services. I know when I send someone to meet with them they will be directed to see Jesus in the midst of their struggle. I’ve been so impressed by their work in the counseling room that I’ve asked Hope to serve our church in 2020 and beyond by equipping us through teaching seminars. A few months ago, Wes taught us how to lament our COVID losses according to Scripture. In 2021, our church has plans for Wes and Jacklyn Tubel to come and teach us about marriage and the Gospel.

Hope is number one on my referral list for counseling in the Triangle. We all need a safe space to process our pain and struggle in 2020. There is no better place to seek counsel in our local community than Hope Counseling Services.