Give a Stock Gift

Our Mission

Hope Counseling Services exists to bring Hope to Life through Christ-centered, biblically based counseling, training, and consulting services.

Making a gift to Hope Counseling Services in the form of appreciated stock or mutual funds allows you to have an immediate impact on our mission, while also possibly paying less in income taxes.
As always, we recommend that you consult a tax professional with any specific questions.

How to Give a Stock Gift

Step One: Donate Stock


Please provide your broker with the following information:

Name of Account: Hope Counseling Services of Chapel Hill Inc
Name of Broker: Vanguard
DTC Number: 0062
Account: 74765150


Step Two: Notify Us


When your stock or mutual funds are transferred to our account we do not receive any information that identifies you as the donor. We wish to ensure all gifts are properly received and acknowledged, so please email or call 919-636-5972 either before or after donating securities and provide the following information about the gift:

Name of the stock
Number of shares
Your name and address